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We know that job hunting can be challenging and stressful. Our team of Resume Writers, Recruiters, and HR Professionals are focused on providing you with informative and helpful suggestions to help you during your job hunt. Review our articles on writing resumes, cover letters, thank your letters, and use our tips and suggestions to help the process easier.

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Using Action Verbs

Ready! Set! Action! Well sort of. Writing a compelling resume that convinces a recruiter or...

Your Resume Keeps Getting Rejected-Why?

There’s no worst feeling than sending your resume to multiple job postings only to get...
Using color on your resume.

Should You Use Color on Your Resume?

Should You Use Color on Your Resume? It used to be that pretty much all...

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Resources and Expert Advice

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Which Skills Should Be Listed on Your Resume

When creating your resume deciding on the skills section can be a difficult and agonizing...
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Interview Preparation: Tips to Land Your Dream Job

There’s no doubt that interviewing can be stressful. As a candidate, you’re fully aware of...
Resume Do’s And Don’ts

Resume Do’s and Don’ts

The rules for resume writing seem to change often.  It’s certainly confusing to know for...
A man and woman sitting at a table with a resume in front of them.

Your Resume-How Long Should It Be?

If you google this question, you will see so many different answers including information indicating...
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The Art of Gratitude: Crafting Thoughtful Thank You Letters

The Power of a Thank You Letter In our fast-paced world, where communication often happens...
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Font Styles

Writing your resume requires major choices and decisions on what to include, what format to...
An isometric image of a resume with the word ats on it.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

What is an Applicant Tracking System? (ATS) An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software...
Designing Your Resume

Designing Your Resume

Designing Your Resume Did you know that after you’ve spent so much time worrying about...
A person holding a red key on a keyboard with the word format on it.

Selecting Your Resume Format

Selecting Your Resume Format Writing a winning resume is no easy feat. You have so...