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The rules for resume writing seem to change often.  It’s certainly confusing to know for sure what you should include to make your resume stand out. Afterall, your goal is to write a resume that will garner interest from that Recruiter or hiring manager and more importantly to land that job! So how do you write a winning resume?

Five seconds- the average time a Recruiter spends looking at your resume. Recruiters review hundreds of resumes daily, and the competition is fierce, so it’s important that you put your best foot forward to maximize your chance of being invited for an interview. Remember you don’t get a 2nd chance to make a first impression. Nail it the first time! Start with an amazing template from Easy resume Templates.


Whether you’re creating your resume for the first time or revising an existing resume, if you start with one of our templates, you’re on your way to creating a resume that will stand out. Here are some useful tips on the five key components that you should include on your resume.

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A resume isn’t complete without the contact information. Your contact information is like your handshake with the potential employer. Your contact information should include your first and last name, phone number, professional email, your City, State and Zip code. It is not necessary to include your full mailing address due to privacy and
potential discrimination concerns.

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Think of your summary statement as a movie preview.  It gives a high-level overview of your relevant skills and experiences and entices the hiring manager to want to read on to discover more about you. It should immediately demonstrate your value and key assets to the potential employer. This should be customized to align with the job

How to showcase your skills in a resume.

This section summarizes your key skills. Hiring Managers and Recruiters will quickly scan your resume and pick up on relevant skills that’s applicable to the job. Read the job description and make sure the skills you include align with the job you’re applying for.

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This is the most critical part of your resume. This is where you really get to sell yourself and provide recruiters and hiring managers with a view of your career path and relevant experience. This section should include the names of the companies you’ve worked for, location, job titles, employment dates, and job responsibilities and accomplishments. Using a chronological format (from current or most recent job and work backwards) works best for most.

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List your most advanced credentials in reverse chronological order including college, degree earned, and institution where you earned your degree.

Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Review these Resume Do’s and Don’ts to help you write the perfect resume.

Resume Dos and Don’ts

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Do: Tailor your resume and list your relevant experience as it directly relates to the position you’re applying to.

Do: Write a resume that is concise, and no more than 2 pages long. If you have limited experience, it can be 1 page.

Do: Use strong action-oriented words as well as measurable results in your resume. Numbers add credibility.

Do: Use bullets. Keep a consistent, readable format with bullets. This is also highly preferred by Recruiters.

Do: Proofread your resume. Hiring managers and Recruiters are turned off by grammatical errors on a resume.

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Don’t: Include skills or experiences that do not add value or are not relevant to the position you’re applying to.

Don’t: Exceed 2 pages unless absolutely needed. Maximize your chance of having Recruiters review your resume.

Don’t: Include long, generic, general claims. Back it up with numbers and quantifiable examples.

Don’t: Use paragraphs. Bullets are easier to scan by Recruiters and the Applicant Tracking System.

Don’t: Send your resume off or apply to a position before proofreading your resume. Maximize your chance for success.

Get Expert Resume Help

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Our templates are customizable and super easy to use. You just plug your information in following our expert tips and recommendations. However, we can also match you with one of our professional Resume Writers who can review and rewrite your existing resume, or create a brand-new resume for you. Using one of our professional writers will:

  • Make the process even easier for you
  • Save you time and stress
  • Ensure your skills are best highlighted
  • Improve your chance of getting noticed by Recruiters and Hiring Managers


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