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Our Professional Resume Templates are designed for jobseekers who are looking for a resume template that will take their resume to the next level. These are a favorite of job seekers from mid-level to senior level and executives across various industries including Marketing, Sales, Healthcare and Hospitality. Select any one of our Professional Resume Templates and see how easy the process is to create your winning resume! MS Word is required to use our templates.

Job applicants love these Professional Resume Templates because:

  • These templates are polished, organized and straightforward and allow you to showcase your accomplishments.
  • Easy-to-use, highly customizable with different fonts and color options that allow you to highlight your unique skills.
  • They’re designed to help you create a resume that will make you stand out.

Take a look at the Professional Resume Templates to see which style works best for you. If these don’t work, take a look at our other template styles.

What Makes Our Templates Different From Others?

Our templates have been designed through a deep collaboration with various resume writing experts including Certified Resume Writers, Recruiters, and other HR professionals with more than 20 years of industry experience. Through this partnership, we have designed resume templates that can be used successfully by ANY job seeker.

Recruiters who review hundreds of resumes daily identified the most important qualities of a successful resume. We worked closely with our Resume Writers to make sure that all of our resumes meet those requirements. Our professionally designed templates can be trusted to perform optimally for any role.

Our Professional Resume Templates Meet These Requirements:

  • Designed by Industry Professionals: Our highly skilled team of Resume Writers, Recruiters, and HR professionals designed and tested all Professional Resume Templates.

  • Format: Our Professional Resume Templates are formatted to make the resume creation process super EASY.

  • Customization: You have the option to customize your resume including changing colors, fonts, sections etc.

  • ATS-Friendly: The Professional Resume Templates are designed to be ATS-Friendly and come with matching cover letters.
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